Updated: Feb 19, 2020

Here's the truth, simple and plain. No matter how many diet books you read, plans you draft, coaching sessions you attend or texts you study, you're not going to get better until you truly want to change. I'm not talking about wanting to change for someone else, or for a short-term boost. I mean genuine desire to improve.

There are two types of motivation; internal (also known as intrinsic) and external (also known as extrinsic). Extrinsic motivators are things like cash rewards, job promotions or medals of achievement. They can work to give a temporary boost to motivation, but after the initial burst has ended, effort tails off. These motivators tend to be short term, and are best used in addition to the real motivators, intrinsic motivators. You see, intrinsic motivation comes from within. It's your own desire to improve that is motivating you to get better. Because the motivation is inside, you're constantly reminded of the task at hand, and when boredom sets in, you can push forward. Using extrinsic motivators to help stave off boredom does work, and keeps goals fresh. But true change happens when change is something you want for yourself.

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